Dr. D. José María Soriano Villegas

Dr. D. José María Soriano Villegas

Head of General Ophthalmology - Anterior pole surgeon

He obtained his degree in Medicine and Surgery from Seville University 1995-2001.

José María specialised in Ophthalmology through an internship (MIR) at Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital in Huelva 2003-2007.

He served as an area specialist doctor at the San Juan de Dios Aljarafe Hospital and NISA Aljarafe both in Seville and at the High Resolution Hospitals of Utrera, Écija and Constantina, belonging to the Bajo Guadalquivir Public Company of Seville, between 2007 and 2013.

He took part in specialised training in refractive surgery at Tecnolaser Sánchez Trancón Clinic (Badajoz) and Tecnoláser Clinic Vision (Santa Justa, Seville).

He is a member of the Spanish Society of Refractive Implant Ocular Surgery and the European Refractive Surgery Society.

He takes part in courses, lectures, national and international anterior pole and refractive surgery congresses on regular basis.

Since January 2014 he has been in the Refractive Surgery Unit of the Eye Clinic Dr. Tirado, maintaining his health care and surgical activity at the Tecnoláser Clinic Vision (Santa Justa, Seville).

Ophthalmic Surgery Staff