Refractive surgery results


What results can I expect after my operation?

When suffering from myopia, patients will acquire very good vision from afar, which they previously lacked. They will be able to see the outline of objects, drive without glasses or contact lenses, and even distinguish something as simple as a familiar face from a reasonable distance. They will be able to see more clearly (before everything was seen blurry).

When suffering from hyperopia, patients will no longer see things blurry. What is more, they will be able to rest their eyesight, since farsighted people tend to force their vision a lot, which causes headaches and other discomforts. They will now be able to see well both from far and near in a very comfortable and ongoing way. It will free them from the need to use annoying, often heavy glasses and will also eliminate headaches and eye fatigue.

Patient with astigmatism tend to perceive images in a distorted or deformed way, they see things more elongated. This visual defect disappears when after it is corrected in surgery.