Our Technology

Our Technology

Given that Ophthalmology is a speciality which depends a great deal on technology, both Dr. Tirado and the Costa del Sol Ophthalmological Institute have always been in the forefront of technology, offering the people from Fuengirola in particular and all their patients in general, the latest advances in diagnostic equipment and in surgical technology, being pioneers in Andalusia in the implementation of new machinery, such as the OCT, the angiography OCT, the optic fibre nerve analysis with HRT and OCT, the wide-ranging retinal photography with optomap fundus camera, new ultrasound biometric methods, etc.




Yag Laser

Excimer Laser

Argon Laser



Endothelial cell counter

Computerized Visual Field Analyser


Air Tonometer

At Eye Clinic Dr. Tirado, we have:

- The latest generation slit lamps with photographic and video systems.

- Four Canon refractometers for automated refraction.

- Four vision testers to obtain objective measurements of the visual acuity.

- Four non-contact air tonometers for screening.

- Four contact tonometers for high pressure circumstances.

- Six binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes.

- Humphrey Zeiss Computerized Visual Field Analyser. It is the most effective piece of equipment for the diagnosis and evolutionary monitoring of glaucoma. It allows the diagnosis of certain ophthalmological diseases.

- Contact pachimetry to measure corneal thickness in the glaucoma unit.

- Oculus topographer for the study of the corneal surface.

- Modern Pentacam Oculus Corneal Topographer. It allows in-depth meticulous preoperative mapping or the corneal surfaces to measure its thickness and elevation, with a programme which allows to rule out hidden corneal diseases such as Keratoconus. It also analyses elevation measurements on the posterior surface of the cornea. This service gives access to surgical procedures to correct short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism, personally guided by topography.

- Wave Light Aberrometer. It measures refractive aberrations of the cornea, helping eye care practitioners to diagnose and cure eye ailments. Information from the aberrometer is used to provide customized eye surgery.

- OCT, Retinal Tomography or Scanner. This is essential to survey optical coherence tomographic examination of the retina and mainly macula pathology.

- Zeiss Vissucam Retinography. It is used to examine the retina and also take photos and videos of the retina. Pupil dilation is required. It also allows screening - contrast sensitivity testing, (fluorescein angiography).

- Non-Mydriatic Retinography Optomap. The new optomap retinal exam, which has been in the market for five months, is used to obtain an ultra-wide field view of the retina without the need to dilate the pupil. We have had it for four months now and through 3D images, it helps patient´s retina to be entirely explored in preoperative investigations. It is important for retinal screening and retinal pathology follow up. It also allows screening - contrast sensitivity testing, fluorescein angiography. It reaches the periphery where other retinographies do not.

- Endothelial cell counter. Nidek OPD Aberrometer and Optical Biometry Lenser.

We have a wide preoperative diagnostic analysis platform. The count of corneal endothelial cells is a routine procedure in our preoperative protocols, given that it is vital to be aware of the condition of this corneal layer in all intraocular surgery procedures.

- HRT or Computerised Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis. Continuous monitoring and analysis of the optic nerve is indispensable in cases of glaucoma.

- We have two Solid Argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) usually used to treat diseases such as open angle glaucoma, retinal diseases, retinal tears, photocoagulation in diabetic patients, etc.

- Yag Laser applied to clean intraocular lenses (capsulotomy) or to perform iridotomy.

In the operating rooms we have:

- Zeiss latest generation Lumera Microscope. It allows perfect assistant and surgeon coaxiality. It has an integrated video system which permits better visual quality for the surgeon, with greater contrast of all the details, for all anterior pole surgeries and for retinal surgery, with cold light.

- Phacoemulsifier by Alcon Cusi, Infinity. The latest in ultrasound surgery for cataract, allowing torsional cataract surgery, which reduces the need for ultrasound, easing swelling and surgical trauma after cataract surgery, enabling immediate recovery after surgery.

- Vitreotomo Accurus by Alcon Cusi. The most advanced in retinal surgery, to accomplish the highest quality vitrectomy. It has Xenon light, for the best visualization.

- Laser Excimer Allegreto Wave Eye-Q, by Alcon Cusi. State-of- the-art laser, that works at 400 Hz, enabling treatments with very little trauma and in half the time of other lasers, facilitating the patient´s recovery in few hours. It allows personalized ablations, guided by topography and by aberrometry.

It allows presbyopia treatment by changing the sphericity of the cornea increasing the depth of the patient´s focus, in particular circumstances.

The Allegreto laser designed by German engineering "WaveLight" is with its 400 Hz frequency, the world's fastest and the only one with the t-cat system that enables to modify the patient's corneal sphericity, thus improving the quality of vision.

The laser beam, less than one millimeter, achieves a corneal carving with micron precision and brings a new horizon in the world of refractive surgery, with a regularity in the carving that provides the maximum reliability in the obtained results.

In addition, thanks to the "Eye Tracker" system, a perfect centering of the treatment on the cornea is achieved, monitoring the movements of the eye with infrared, aided by a computer, which analyzes the position of the eye 250 times per second. In other words, if the patient moves the eye during surgery, the laser head moves in a coordinated way to avoid treatment offsets.

It is the laser pattern that other firms try to reproduce.

- Newest generation laser beam, Lensx by Alcon, Wavelight. It is the latest novelty in the state-of-the-art generation of femtosecond lasers, which allows assisted cataract surgery both in incisions and in the facofragmentation process.

It also allows the performance of Flaps in the Lasik refractive surgery.

- Avedro crosslinking system, for the implementation of combined techniques in refractive surgery and reinforcement of collagen of the corneal structures in case of keratoconus.

- Endoscopic Imaging System to perform transcanalicular endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with laser. It is the newest technique for lacrimal surgery. We carry it out with laser through the lacrimal point, without the need of sutures, under topical anesthesia, in surgery together with the ENT.