Lacrimal obstruction

Diseases and eye conditions: Lacrimal obstruction

Lacrimal obstruction occurs when there is a partial or complete blockage of tear drainage ducts that transport tears from the surface of the eye to the nose.

Normally, tears drain from the surface of the eye to the nose through the middle of the nasolacrimal duct. If this duct is blocked, tears accumulate and fall down on the cheeks, even when the person is not crying.

When it comes to children, it is possible that these ducts are not fully developed at birth. This problem disappears by itself. In adults, the duct may be affected by an infection, an injury or a tumour.

Lacrimal obstruction is manifested by an increase of tearing that falls down on the face or cheeks. In some cases it is necessary to treat the cause of the obstruction, which consists in reopening the duct.

In Eye Clinic Dr. Tirado it is done using a minimally invasive treatment through the use of a thin laser beam and a nasal endoscope with which the duct is rebuilt in order to reestablish the normal drainage of tears and stop them from falling down on the cheeks.