Inicial Medical Consultation


What do I have to do before my first visit?

If I wear rigid or semi-rigid contact lenses, I should not wear them for at least 7 days before my first visit. If the contact lenses are soft 3 days will be enough.

Do I have to go with someone?

It is suitable to go together with another person or in public transport, since one of the tests that might be carried out dilates the pupil and therefore I will see blurry for a few hours. However, for short journeys, this test does not usually impede driving (in these cases I can go by car).

What will they do to me when I get to the clinic?

Upon arrival at the clinic, I will have a medical history with my personal information, my medical and ophthalmological background, and any additional information necessary to evaluate my situation. Then and there I will go through the medical tests.

What tests will I have?

Step 1:

I will have my visual acuity measured and I will get a prescription to see the dioptres I have and evaluate my visual error (myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism).

Step 2:

I will have an anterior eye segment examination. This includes some tests such as measuring eye strain, structure and thickness of the cornea. It includes an aberrometry evaluation and a study with a Pentacam topographer.

Step 3:

I will have a posterior eye segment examination. This is when I will get my pupil dilated to see the fundus. I will be given a few drops; this process will last approximately 30 minutes depending on each person. This way, the doctors will make sure that the previous prescription is correct and will verify some of the information obtained.

Step 4:

If the doctor decides that I should undergo an intraocular lens surgery, I may need to perform an additional test to evaluate some specific eye data, such as the eyeball depth.

What will I do after the tests?

The ophthalmologist, after analysing all these tests and confirming that I am a candidate for surgery, will explain everything concerning the indicated treatment, the surgical technique, and will hand me the informed consent of the operation.

Afterwards, I will go to the Patient Care Department to receive the instructions and complementary recommendations, the budget and book an appointment for the intervention.
In approximately two hours I will have all my tests fulfilled, my personalised budget and an appointment for my intervention.