At Eye Clinic Dr. Tirado, we offer affordable treatments for all our patients.

If you have thought about carrying out a laser visual correction intervention with us, we can offer you an excellent financing possibility without needing to be concerned about its cost:

12-month interest-free payments, TIN (EAR, effective annual interest rate) 0% and TAE (APR, annual percentage rate of charge) 5,30%.

We also have customized financing up to 60 months with very competitive interest rates and instalments so that fees do not stop you from getting rid of your glasses or contact lenses.

The financing study and processing is instant and is undertaken in the clinic itself. There is no need to change banks, in comfortable monthly payments and without affecting your credit worthiness.

The prices offered are for private patients.

You can find out about current agreements and specific promotions which may well be financed with the same possibilities at the clinic.