Our installations

Our premises occupy five hundred and fifty square metres and are equipped under strict specialised integral medical and surgical ophthalmology control.

They consist of:

Examination and reception wing:

Management room.
Three large waiting areas.
Complementary testing room.
Four absolutely equipped ophthalmological consultation rooms.
Two Optometry consultation rooms.
Retina Argon Laser room.
Angiography and retina analysis room, without dilation, by means of an Optomap fundus camera.

Surgical wing:

Doctors locker room.
Patients locker room.
Recovery and pre anaesthetic room.
Sterilization room for operating room 1.
Operating room 1 with laminar flow.
Sterilization room for operating room 2.
Operating room 2 with laminar flow.

Machinery room:

Gases room.
Air conditioning engine room:
- Air conditioning machines for ionized laminar flow of the operating rooms.
- Air conditioning machines for the consultation rooms.

Each and every one of our modern facilities obey the rigorous health rules and regulations for us to conduct our activity, complying the highest quality control guarantees.